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The most common symptom of Neurofibromatosis is occurrence of Neurofibroma. They are non-cancerous tumors which occur frequently in nerves. The formation of this tumor starts within the cells of myelin sheath. It is a protective layer formed on nerve fibers. This kind of tumor evolves in peripheral nerves. Neurofibroma is not a malignant tumor but, it can become malignant later and give rise to cancer over a span of time. Generally, Neurofibromatosis is affiliated with the occurrence of more than one Neurofibroma but a single nerve tumor can occur occasionally.

The tumors appear as small elevated bumps on the surface of small nerves. This kind of nerve tumor is a special characteristic of Neurofibromatosis. Still the patient of such disease can be identified by the appearance of more than 6 to 10 light brown colored pigmented spots on the skin surface. Neurofibromatosis possesses two classes- NF Type 1 and NF Type 2.

Both the classes of the genetic disorder occur as a result of mutation in different genes. In the same way, both the classes express different symptoms through which they can be identified specifically.  NF2 comprises of more severe condition of Neurofibroma than the case of NF1. The good fact to know is that the chances of a person to suffer from NF2 are lower than the cases of NF1.

Occurrence of ‘coffee with milk’ spots is usual physical feature of the onset of Neurofibroma but, the definite diagnosis is carried out on the basis of the formation of non-malignant tumors over the nerve fibers. These tumors remain harmless until they are not an obstacle in the normal functioning of respective nerves. Whenever these tumors interfere with the working of the central nervous system, the person can suffer improper optical and auditory functions.

Symptoms of Neurofibroma are generally shown by a person at the early stage of puberty. Occurrence of leukemia in childhood can also become a cause of Neurofibromatosis in the later stage. But the chances of such co-incidence are very less. There is not any serious conclusion of the disorder besides the normal awkward look of the skin due to ‘cafe-au-lait’ spots. The problem starts only if the tumor becomes cancerous.

A person can spend its whole life with the condition of Neurofibroma without any serious problem by following some prevention measures. These measures consist of time to time monitoring of tumor and regular checkups of blood pressure as the person with NF undergo high blood pressure. Severity of the disease includes loss of hearing capacity and optical function. NF2 imparts more hazardous consequences than NF1. Lack of balancing and auditory functions and cataract in the iris of the eye can arise as the dangerous outcome of genetic disorder.

Removal of Neurofibroma can be followed as a treatment of Neuroibromatosis it is not necessary until it gives rise to painful conditions or causes serious nervous complications. Exploring the tumor can also worth if it is compressing the optical, auditory or similar kind of important nerve fibers. Surgical removal of Neurofibroma is not suggested by the experts without any considerable reason.